Check Out the Reliance Matrix Webinar on the PWFA! (PWFA Update: Let’s Discuss the Final Regulations)

by Lana L. Rupprecht, Esq. - AVP Product Compliance

May 21, 2024


It is here! Reliance Matrix has been busy reading and studying the 408 pages of the PWFA Final Regulations, and we have prepared a pre-recorded webinar that provides an overview of the regulations and helpful examples and scenarios for employers. How do we know that these examples and scenarios are helpful? Because they are straight from the Interpretive Guidance of the Final Regulations! You can access the webinar here or by clicking the button below.

For background, check out our prior blog posts on the PWFA Final Regulations here: The Final Regulations For the PWFA Are Here ( and Top 10 Important Parts of the PWFA Final Regulations and More (

Also, and as we informed you earlier this month, we are working on a podcast series that dives deeper into key aspects of the regulations. Stay tuned! AND, we have a whitepaper coming out that discusses pregnancy protections. This whitepaper will cover the PWFA and much much more!

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